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Coinbase Derivatives Futures

Trade Crypto, Oil, Super Tech & Large Cap Index Futures
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Trade New Nano Ether Futures (ET)

  • $25 day Trade margin
  • No  market data fees

Trade Coinbase Derivatives at Tradovate

Coinbase Derivatives exchange offers smaller futures contracts designed for active individual traders. Futures trading is now more accessible for everyone with smaller contract sizes, no market data fees, and lower margins.

Trade Crypto Futures
Nano Bitcoin: 1/100th the size of Bitcoin - Learn More


Lower Costs

Gain instant access to familiar products at significantly reduced costs and FREE market data


Correlated Markets

Highly correlated to some of the most actively traded stocks and Crypto coins

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Range of Products

Futures across all sectors with Bloomberg as exclusive licensing partner, as well as futures on Bitcoin

Coinbase Derivatives - Offering Right Size Contracts for Every Trader

New Smaller & Innovative Products Designed for Retail Traders

Coinbase Derivatives offers products at a smaller scale, with notional values as low as $2,000 and initial margins under $200. Tradovate will offer Nano day trade margins less than $50. These smaller contracts makes them easier to build positions and scale -in and -out, with more flexibility.

Coinbase Derivatives Futures Products

  • Nano Bitcoin Futures (BIT) Learn More
  • Nano Ether (ET) Contract Specs
  • Nano Bloomberg US Large Cap Index Futures (B5)
  • Micro Bloomberg US Large Cap Index Futures (LB5)
    Bloomberg US Large Cap Index tracks the 500 largest US companies by market capitalization
  • Micro Crude Oil (OIL)
  • Nano SuperTech Index Futures (TEC)
  • Micro SuperTech Index Futures (LTEC)
    The SuperTech index tracks 15 of the most actively traded U.S. companies engaged in high-growth technology, media, and manufacturing industries that focus on providing internet-enabled, electronic devices or services to consumers.

Modern Futures Platform

Futures Traders are experiencing what it means to trade on a modern futures platform

40+ Futures Trading Tools
40+ Futures Trading Tools
Third-Party Charting Integrations
Third-Party Charting Integrations
Seamless Cross-Device Trading
Seamless Cross-Device Trading
Market Replay Tool
Market Replay Tool
Phone and Live Chat Support
Phone and Live Chat Support
Trade Securely
Trade Securely

Trading virtual currency derivatives have a variety of unique and potentially significant risks. Please read our full Virtual Currency Transaction Disclosures & Risk Disclosure Statement for Virtual Currency Futures prior to any virtual currency trading.